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Progressive Potluck Dinners are Back!

Plowshare Peace and Justice Center began sponsoring Progressive Potluck Dinners in 2019. These opportunities for activists in SW Virginia to gather and talk were an immediate hit, featuring a potluck dinner, plus several speakers addressing the assembled group to talk about issues that matter. Best of all was probably the casual conversations before and after the speakers. And then Covid hit… 🙁

At long last we are starting them up again! The re-inaugural event will be held Sunday, March 19 at 6:00 PM at the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Roanoke (UUCR). The address is 2015 Grandin Rd in Roanoke, VA. (Special thanks to them for their support of Plowshare thru the years.) NOTE: They do ask that individuals with agendas, goals, or positions contrary to the principles of UUCR not attend. Here are their Mission and Vision Statements: We respect and honor one another as we work for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. UUCR is a beacon of hope and a harbor for all who value wisdom found in every faith tradition and every person’s spiritual truth.

Our Progressive Potluck Dinner is informal, beginning with people arriving, casual conversations, and setting out the food that everyone brings. Then we eat, the speakers talk, and finally there’s more chit-chat for anyone who wants to linger a while afterwards.

Herb Beskar of the Roanoke Asylum Seekers Network will be the main speaker at this re-inaugural event. (The Network supports local asylum seekers by helping with housing, transportation, language barriers, etc.) He will speak for about 15 minutes, then several additional speakers will talk on other topics for up to 5 minutes each.

What should you bring? Any one entrée, beverage, or dessert in sufficient quantity to provide a few servings. That’s it. All together this results in a variety of choices for everyone and provides more than enough to go around. Dishes, glasses, serving utensils and silverware are not needed. (Note we usually have a donation box off to the side where you can contribute to the venue’s expense, but it’s not required.)

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to talk with other activist-minded people from SW Virginia. And if you’re a stranger to Plowshare, it’s a terrific way to meet other concerned citizens and also get a feel for our organization.

Please mark the date on your calendar and help us get these wonderful potluck events going again. At the very least you’ll enjoy an evening out, plus you’ll get to hear (and share) ideas that might make a difference. We genuinely hope you will attend. There is power in community!