Newsletter-June 2015

Plowshare continued its regular projects during the spring and summer this year.  We held peace vigils on the third Saturday of each month in front of the City Market building,   a gala Teen Peace Jam featuring workshops and other events for teens at the Unitarian-Universalist Church in April, and shared an Op-ed piece on the death penalty in the Roanoke Times.  We resumed distributing Appalachian Voices and the Virginia Defender around the Roanoke area, and met with Angie Hall, a staff member of Representative Griffiths, about Plowshare concerns.  Calls to the Senate were made about the Patriot Act. We attended a Friends Council meeting and a Virginia Tech Foundation board meeting about WVTF-FM. The Blue Ridge Coalition Against Gun Violence, of which Plowshare is a member, held a letter-writing party about concealed-carry reciprocity; tabled at Local Colors; and attended a book-signing party for a book promoting guns to speak about our concerns.  As well, Plowshare tabled at Local Colors and The Juneteenth festival; supported the Floyd PFLAG group with a financial donation and endorsement; and gave a scholarship for a participant in the Building a New World conference.  Please support Plowshare by attending our events, getting involved in our projects, giving financially with contributions and pledges, etc. As Mother Teresa said, join us in “doing small things with great love”.


by Gary Sandman, Plowshare Director


There are times when we go on a long tramp with someone for whom we greatly care. There has been talk, but it has now faded, and we can walk mile
after mile together without a word but in perfect communication – each glad for the other’s presence, each glad the other is alive, each grateful to be the
other’s friend, each feeling understood, each cherishing the other. 
Douglas Steere

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