Plowshare Board Members Needed

Dear friends,

Would you consider joining the Plowshare Peace Center board?

Plowshare is the oldest peace group in Virginia. It works hard on peace and justice issues in southwestern Virginia. The Plowshare board oversees its projects.

What is the process and what are the duties of the Plowshare board?

You would be asked to attend two meetings to become more familiar with us. At the third meeting, if you are comfortable with us and we are comfortable with you, you would be asked to formally become a member. Below is further clarification of the board duties as well as a list of Plowshare committees and coordinators. We would be glad to speak to you further about service on the Plowshare board, even before attending an initial meeting.

We hope you will consider this invitation. Plowshare is observing its 48th anniversary this year. We have done great work in the past and will do great work in the future. We hope that you can join us in that.

Gary Sandman

Plowshare Director

Office: 505 Day Av., Roanoke VA 24016; Mail: PO Box 4367, Roanoke VA 24015;; 540-492-3582;; Facebook page at plowshare peace & justice center; Facebook group at plowshare peace center



Greetings! We are glad you are considering joining the Plowshare Peace Center board.

We ask you to attend three board meetings to see if this will work out for you and will work out for us. At the third meeting the board will make a decision about your membership. Here are some things you will be expected to do if you are willing to serve on the Plowshare board:

1. Attend Plowshare board meetings. Normally, we gather on the second Tuesdays of the month at 8 PM at the Plowshare office, 505 Day Av., except for the month of August. Currently, with the Covid-19 plague, we are substituting Zoom conferences.

2. Notify the Gary Sandman, Plowshare Director, if you can’t attend a board meeting. (His contact information is 540-492-3582 or If you miss three consecutive meetings, we will ask you if you wish to continue serving on the board.

3. Serve on at least one Plowshare committee or in at least one coordinator’s position. We have several committees or coordinators. We are also open to new projects.

4. Agree with our statement of purpose. It is: “Plowshare Peace Center is committed to the creation of a just world peace by connecting with our local community. We are peace facilitators and social justice advocates, who nurture educational opportunities that engage and inspire actions for a culture of peace.” Thank you so much for considering service on the Plowshare board. Alone, we can feel overwhelmed; together, we can make a difference in the world.



Action Committees & Coordinators

Carpooling Coordinator: rides to out-of-town demonstrations; contact Herb Beskar, 540-989-6875 or

Death Penalty Committee: death penalty vigils, occasionally other events; contact Gene Edmunds, 540-343-3100 or or Manuel Dotson, 540-314-3454.

Lobbying Committee: meetings with local politicians about Plowshare concerns; contact Mike Bentley at 540-389-3752 or

Newspaper Committee: Virginia Defender & Appalachian Voices newspaper distribution; contact Gary Sandman, 540-492-3582 or

Peace Vigil Committee: monthly silent peace vigil; contact Mike Bentley, 540-389-3752 or

Program Committee: occasional speakers, workshops, etc.; contact Gary Sandman, 540-492-3582 or

Public Information Committee: Democracy Now show & valid Citizens Advisory Board on WVTF-FM; contact Mike Bentley, 540-389-3752 or

Infrastructure Committees

Board: committee that oversees Plowshare (also office, interns, new committees and coordinators, etc.); contact Manuel Dotson, 540-314-3454.

Finance Committee: fundraising for Plowshare (grants, contributions, pledges, Kroger cards, merchandise, Google donation, etc.); contact Gary Sandman, 540-492-3582 or

Outreach Committee: letting people know about Plowshare (quarterly newsletter, email list, Facebook page, website, visits, inquiries, tabling, WVTF-FM announcements, press releases, Virginia People’s Assembly, etc.); contact Gary Sandman, 540-492-3582 or

Volunteers Committee: recruiting and supporting volunteers; contact Gary Sandman, 540-492-3582 or