Invitation to Plowshare Board Meetings

Dear friends,

Plowshare Peace Center invites you to attend our monthly board meeting. We are always interested in people who wish to explore joining our board. Or you may just be interested in hearing about our projects.

The Plowshare board always gathers on the second Tuesdays of the month at 8 PM through Zoom. Since we had an attack at a recent Plowshare program, we no longer share the Zoom invitations publicly. But if you contact me, I will send you the link.

Below are the current committees and coordinators for Plowshare projects. (And we are always interested in new projects).

Gary Sandman

Plowshare Director




Action Committees & Coordinators

Carpooling Coordinator: rides to out-of-town demonstrations

Death Penalty Committee: death penalty vigils, occasionally other events

Lobbying Committee: meetings with local officeholders about Plowshare concerns

Newspaper Committee: Virginia Defender newspaper distribution

Peace Vigil Committee: monthly silent peace vigil

Program Committee: occasional speakers, workshops, etc.

Public Information Committee: Democracy Now show & valid Citizens Advisory Board on WVTF-FM

Infrastructure Committees

Finance Committee: fundraising for Plowshare (grants, contributions, pledges, Kroger cards, merchandise, Google donation, etc.)

Outreach Committee: letting people know about Plowshare (quarterly newsletter, email list, Facebook page, website, visits, inquiries, tabling, WVTF-FM announcements, press releases)

Board: board oversees Plowshare (also office, interns, new committees and coordinators, etc.)

Volunteers Committee: recruiting and supporting volunteers