Friends of Plowshare

Dear friends,

Plowshare Peace Center has a history of supporting progressive organizations in southwestern Virginia. Below are projects of some of those groups.

Gary Sandman

Plowshare Director



Bail Fund link:

After organizing a “Mama’s Day Bail Out” in May 2018 through which we were able to help bail out 4 moms from Roanoke City Jail around Mother’s Day, and financially assist 3 other moms with things like bus passes, emergency housing or clothes, it further illustrated the scope of people imprisoned in Roanoke jails for being poor – locked up because they can’t afford to pay their bail while waiting (sometimes indefinitely) for their day in court, and the need to collectively help address that. So our jail committee (Roanoke Jail Solidarity) decided to start a community bail fund, which can hopefully help prevent someone from losing their job, housing or even kids.



A link:



Last June, I came off the overnight shift at the group home in which I work. I got my life back!

Working days, I listened to radio as I drove along Rt. 460 to my job. One of the stations played a great mix of rock and roll, blues, jazz, classical and apparently whatever else they could come up with.

After about a month, I was startled to hear an announcer on the station state, “This is Radio Free Roanoke….”

Plowshare Peace Center has been a supporter of Radio Free Roanoke for some years. It’s one of the groups to which we have given financial contributions.

Plowshare now has a spot announcement at about 1:30 PM, saying we are a sponsor. The announcement will last four months. If you would like to extend how long the announcement lasts, please send us a check made out to “Plowshare” but earmarked “Radio Free Roanoke”, and we will send more contributions to RFR. Plowshare encourages you to support Radio Free Roanoke, apart from our announcements, too, of course.

More information about Radio Free Roanoke can be found at The station is at 95.7, WROE-LP-FM. They can also be heard online through an icon on their website.

Give Radio Free Roanoke a listen! Where else can you hear, one after the other, John Coltrane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Amadeus Mozart and Johnny Cash!

Gary Sandman
Plowshare Director