Teen Peace Jam

Following this introductory paragraph is what our website displayed in advance of the last Teen Peace Jam event we held. (It was a huge success!) What a shame the Covid pandemic was, because it caused this event to be cancelled for the next 3 years… The good news is that we hope to hold it again this Spring, so stayed tuned for more info…

Plowshare Peace Center is planning the 6th annual 2019 Teen Peace Jam.  The event will be held at the Unitarian Church on April 27, 9 AM-5 PM.   We hope to see you at this exciting event!  Information and Registration form available.  Registration form is here. For more info Call Gary Sandman at 540-492-3582.

The Teen Peace Jam is a free Saturday event for teens 12 to 19 yrs.

Breakfast & Lunch!

Teens earn eight hours or more community service.

Workshops on peace, justice, and life skills.

Encouraging teens from all over southwestern Virginia to gather and meet with their concerns for peace and justice.   We hope you will come with friends!

Plowshare hires teens to help plan the Teen Peace Jam (tell us what you want to happen at the TPJ, put up flyers, tell your friends, spread the word on the internet, co-lead a workshop however you feel comfortable, etc., etc.) Teen organizers will be paid $10 an hour, up to $50 for five hours work, and they can also earn additional community service hours beyond the hours earned for the day of the Teen Peace Jam. We will also need adult volunteers to offer workshops and carry out tasks, like food, registration, etc.  Calling for peace, justice, empowerment or art workshops.  Adults & teens welcome.  We’d love your ideas and help to invite more youth in southwestern Virginia.  Contact Gary Sandman at 540-492-3582 or plowshare@plowshareva.org.

Plowshare will need peace, justice, art and life skills workshops for the Jam. We intend to offer two workshops in each category. Workshops should be 50 minutes long, interactive and, hopefully, co-led by a teen, as we want to encourage youth leadership. Workshop leaders will have to fill out a proposal form. More information is available by contacting Plowshare.

Some of the workshops we have presented in the past have been:

Exploring Peace Through Poetry; ILLEGAL! (Undocumented Immigrants); Yoga and Meditation: Finding Peace Within; Water Theater; Social Justice and Feeding Roanoke; Overcoming LGTBQ Youth Challenges; Peace, Justice & Youth Empowerment in Islam; Your Turn to Cook 101; ”Stylin’ Your Communication” (Interpersonal Communication); Intro to Basic Filmic Concepts” (Film-making); Finding the Ham in Hamlet” (Drama); ”How to Heal a Wound” (Domestic Violence); ”Peace through Hip Hop”; Art Journaling; Exploring & Navigating Through Conflict; Off the Hook, On the Hook: Let’s Talk About Oppression: Breaking Down Barriers: Using Laughter & Loving-kindness to Connect; Step Team Dancing.

We are especially looking for an anti-gun violence workshop this year.

We are also looking for teens to perform during lunch. Performers will be paid.

Joan Wages has agreed to be our 2019 keynote speaker. Polly Branch will be present for her usual, wonderful art project.

Planning meetings have started to begin organizing the Jam.

Teen organizers are joining adults in the planning. Teen organizers will be paid $10 an hour to help put together the Jam.

Check the calendar on this website for the next Teen Peace Jam planning meeting.  They gather at the Plowshare office, 505 Day Av.

Mail: PO Box 4367, Roanoke VA 24105; Facebook group at plowshare peace center; Facebook page at plowshare peace & justice center; Office: 214 Summit Way, Roanoke VA 24014; phone: 540-492-3582.