Progressive Potlucks

Dear Friends,

The Progressive Potlucks resumed on Sunday, December 4 at 7 PM through Zoom. (Andrea Miller was the main speaker. She is the is founder of Center for Common Ground, which works to fight voter suppression and empower underserved communities.)

As you may know, Plowshare Peace Center, the Tree of Life Church and the Roanoke Quakers began organizing the Progressive Potlucks in spring 2019. These are opportunities for activists in SW Virginia to gather and talk. We had dinner; a main speaker for 15 minutes; a collection taken up for the main speaker; then more speakers who would share about their activism or activist group for five minutes each. It was a great success, with as many as 50 people attending! Unfortunately, potlucks were halted due to the pandemic.

We had been hoping to resume our Progressive Potlucks for some time, but as some are still concerned about the pandemic, we decided to experiment and resume them online through Zoom. So, at present, we’ll skip the potluck dinner, but we still present a main speaker, and all other attendees can sign up on our Facebook chat to speak about their projects. If we have enough attendees, we can do break out rooms.

Gary Sandman,
Plowshare Director