Most website entries from the past are deleted so the volume of data is more manageable. But we do occasionally move some of the older stuff here for a while as a matter of public interest…

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Here’s a blast from the past worth remembering. It was all about Free-Speech and Freedom of Assembly, two critical points in our Bill of Rights, which continues to dwindle.

Remembering THE Lawsuit… Or How Plowshare Stood Up to Stupidity

Did you know that Roanoke’s Market Building Foundation once tried to ban Plowshare from holding their monthly Peace Vigils? Yup. They tried to forbid us from using the public sidewalk.

We decided to sue them in Federal Court, noting that a private group cannot declare public sidewalks off-limits. We won, of course, but what was their warped thinking? Peaceful assemblies and protests are bad? The other good news is that the Market Building Foundation got spanked when they had to pay tens of thousands of dollars for all of Plowshare’s legal fees.