Activists – Local & Regional


Ongoing meetings: 

Plenty! Floyd farm produces food to distribute for those in need. Go to for more information.

Roanoke Diversity Center Events Contact for more information.

Meditation at Lifestream Center-Mondays at 7 PM Roanoke-.  $5 investment.

First Friday Anti-War Vigils organized and hosted by the Coalition for Justice in front of the Blacksburg Main Street Post Office.  Contact MarkBarbour at for more information.

Roanoke Pride meeting.  Roanoke Every second Wednesday at 7 PM in Community Room of Metropolitan Community Church, 806 Jamison Av., Roanoke.  Go to for more information.

Earth Friendly Friday film and speakers by Sierra Club in Roanoke.  Every second Friday; social hour is at 6:30 PM; film is at 7 PM; at Unitarian Universalist Church, 2015 Grandin Rd.  For more information contact Dan Crawford at 540-343-5080. Also see below for more information.

Sierra Club first Saturday Climate Change vigil at the Roanoke City Market Building.  Contact Dan Crawford, 540-343-5080

Dances of Universal Peace. Roanoke Every third Saturday at 7:30 PM at Uttara Yoga Studio, located at 1217 Maple Av., Roanoke.  For more information, contact:  Rachel Theo-Maurelli at 540-556-2233 or or Jeff Tiebout at 540-239-2302.

TED Talks-Every Wednesday at noon at 16 W. Marketplace, Roanoke.  For more new location information,

Preserve Roanoke, Floyd, Bent Mt., Franklin:  Ongoing meetings and work with landowners to stop the Mt. Valley Pipeline’s plans to locate in our area; please look for face book pages including events on “Flatline the Pipeline”.

Stop the Violence  click on

SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS WATCH DEMONSTRATIONS The School of the Americas Watch demonstrations will occur from November 21 to 23 at Fort Benning, Georgia.  Each year Plowshare Peace Center coordinates carpools from western Virginia.  If you are driving or need a ride, please let us know, and we will try to match up people.  Contact Herb Beskar at 540-989-6875 or for this.

Bail Fund link:

This began after organizing a “Mama’s Day Bail Out” in May 2018 through which we were able to help bail out 4 moms from Roanoke City Jail around Mother’s Day, and financially assist 3 other moms with things like bus passes, emergency housing or clothes. It further illustrated the scope of people imprisoned in Roanoke jails for being poor – locked up (sometimes indefinitely) because they can’t afford to pay bail while waiting for their day in court, and the need to collectively help address that. So our jail committee (Roanoke Jail Solidarity) started a community bail fund, which can hopefully help prevent someone from losing their job, housing or even kids.