About Plowshare

Plowshare Peace & Justice Center has been a community resource for activists in Roanoke since 1973, working on issues of peace and justice for the world.

The Peace Center has a board, sometimes called the Steering Committee, that welcomes your ideas and encourages collaborations.

Steering Committee:  Sherman Bamford, Omnia Basha,  Michael Bentley, Ben Bristoll, Peter Chapman, Manuel Dotson, Steve Witt, Lydia Johnson, Joy Truskowski.

Director: Gary Sandman

We also have committees and coordinators for Vigils; Programs; Death Penalty; Newspapers; Carpooling; Lobbying; Public Information; Truth-in-Recruitment; Outreach; Finance; and Volunteers.

If you want to participate with us, please contact the director at plowshare@plowshareva.org; 540-492-3582; or PO Box 4367, Roanoke VA 24015.  Also click on “How to Become Involved in Plowshare”.

Full contact information:

Office: 505 Day Av. Roanoke VA 24016
Mail: PO Box 4367, Roanoke VA 24015
Facebook page at “Plowshare Peace & Justice Center”
Facebook group at “Plowshare Peace Center”

(More on committees and contacts)