Welcome to Plowshare – Working for Peace & Justice

Plowshare is a non-profit organization in Roanoke working to educate and collaborate for peace and justice for all beings.  You are invited to come to a peace vigil, a death penalty vigil, a climate change vigil, a lobbying visit, a demonstration, a workshop, a program or the many other opportunities we offer.  You are invited to participate on our committees.  (See the page “How to Get involved in Plowshare” or click on How to Get Involved in Plowshare).


Please check the Committees and Coordinators page to see a page for each of our ten committees and coordinators or click on Committees and Coordinators.  Please check the Plowshare Events page for our major events of the year or click on Plowshare Events.  Please check photos below of our many projects and events!


Teen Peace Jam – Spring

















Silent peace vigil – every third Saturday of the month



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Plowshare Open House- fall event














Death Penalty vigil


Peace in the Park -every September


Plowshare program


Demonstration at Senator Warner’s Roanoke office


Carpooling to inaugural protests in Washington DC


Marching in annual Thanksgiving parade


Distributing alternative newspapers


Working to get “Democracy Now!” on WVTF-FM


Outreach at festivals


Supporting Pastors for Peace


Warner's office
Lobbying visit to Senator Warner’s Office, Summer 2015










Nagasaki/Hiroshima Commemoration fall 2014