Hello Neighbor,

Plowshare Peace & Justice Center is a non-profit, volunteer organization that has been a center and resource for activists in Roanoke since 1973. Our goal is to educate, encourage, and work for peace and justice for all beings. We are secular, not sectarian, and we genuinely welcome newcomers, young or old, and encourage your input, big or small.

Please explore our website to get to know us a little bit. The best place to start is probably the About Us link, which gives a brief history of our group. Then be sure to visit the Committees and Coordinators page to learn more about our activities, as well as the Calendar page to see what’s upcoming. 

You are hereby invited to attend a peace or climate change vigil, join us on a lobbying visit, participate in a demonstration or workshop, or take part in any of the other special events or programs we often host. Some things will add to your knowledge, while others provide the opportunity for your voice to be better heard by those in positions of authority.

You are also invited to participate in our committees, or start your own initiative, perhaps even join our board of directors, if so inclined. Click here for: How to Get Involved in Plowshare.

Please check our What’s New page for latest events.

Thank you for exploring our website and we hope to hear from you in the future. 

Plowshare Peace & Justice Center

Silent Peace Vigil (January 2023)