Welcome to Plowshare – working for peace & justice

Plowshare Peace Center is a not for profit organization in Roanoke working to educate and collaborate with groups in the area for peace and justice for all beings.  You are invited to join  a monthly vigil, a committee meeting, or program.  Annual events include workshops, programs, parades, and more. The spring Youth Peace Jam brings youth together for a day of peace, justice, empowerment and art workshops.  Conflict resolution and communication programs identify areas of need personally and in the community.  Visits to legislators on current political issues develop relationships with government.  You are invited to participate.


teen peace jam sign and kids
Next Teen Peace Jam 2016
Silent Peace Vigil – third Saturday each month
Warner's office
Visit to Senator Warner’s Office, Summer 2015
plowshare parade small
Outreach Parades and Festivals


Nuclear disarmament event, August 7

Global actions and ceasefires


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Event List


The Jesus Fatwah: Love your (Muslim) neighbor as yourself

Movie and discussion

From 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm

At South County Public Library

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Outreach & Programs Committees Meet

From 7:30 pm until 09:00 pm

At Carolyn Winbourne's

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Silent Peace Vigil

From 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm

At Roanoke Market Building front

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Teen Peace Jam 2016

Fun peace education

From 10:00 AM

At Unitarian Universalist Church

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